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Michele Santi MS, LMFT Blog

  • What is a therapist

    There are different types of people who can provide you with therapy. Counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. They should have some kind of degree representing the type of education they have received. The therapist may or may not be licensed, but should have a degree in the theories of psychology, psychotherapy, social work...
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  • Choosing a Therapist

    Some questions you may want to consider are:   What is your educational and training background?   Do you have experience treating the kind of problem I have?   Not all therapists can treat all problems. Sometimes a therapist specializes in certain areas. If the therapist's area of expertise is not the ...
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  • Therapy Tips

    Therapy works best when you attend all of your scheduled appointments. The effectiveness of therapy depends on your active participation. It requires time, effort and regularity.    As you begin therapy, establish some goals with your therapist. Then spend time periodically reviewing your progress with your therapist. If you do...
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